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Katy Chambers BSc (Hons) MSc MCSP

Founder of Performance Pro, Katy Chambers is a highly experienced Chartered Physiotherapist whose holistic approach to assessment and management of clients ensures consistently excellent clinical and functional outcomes. Katy supports clients with a broad range of conditions, working with both elite athletes and general population.

Katy's areas of specialism include working with performing artists, hypermobility spectrum conditions, temperomandibular joint dysfunction, cervicogenic headaches and biomechanical analysis for sporting and day to day activities. See below for further details.

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With a focus on pain management, reduction of dysfunction and optimising of performance, physiotherapy treatment may include:

  •    Manual Therapy 

  •    Acupuncture

  •    Tailored Exercise Prescription

  •    Postural Re-education

Connected to a broad network of professional colleagues, where necessary, referral may be made to other members of the multidisciplinary team.

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The jaw (TMJ) can cause problems for many people, presenting with or without pain and associated impact on day to day activities. Additionally, we work with clients experiencing headaches and postural malalignment related to their neck and jaw.
Whether supporting clients pre and post operatively, or for conservative (non-surgical) management, physiotherapy can contribute to pain reduction and restoration of function through soft tissue techniques, home management strategies, acupuncture and postural re-education.
Ballet Dancer in Mid-Air

Whether dancers, actors, singers or other forms of aesthetic artists, Katy's performing arts specialism enables her to address the unique needs of these populations. Katy is an active member of the International Association for Dance Medicine & Science and Performing Arts Medicine Association, presenting regularly at international conferences and engaging with a wide range of multidisciplinary specialists, ensuring care is always of the highest standard. Katy was the recipient of the Dance Healthcare Practitioner Award from One Dance UK 2020.

Artists are supported with tailored assessments and management plans, specifically addressing the specialised goals of performers, whether relating to flexibility,  functional movements, voice use or myriad other challenges for return to training and performance.

Gymnast Hugging Knees


Hypermobility and hypermobility spectrum conditions (such as Ehlers Danlos) can cause challenges in day to day as well as athletic activities. 

Performance Pro work alongside a team of other healthcare professionals in managing client experiences associated with hypermobility, supporting with pain management, injury risk reduction, postural and ergonomics assessments, and tailored training plans.

Child Physiotherapy
Physiotherapy is a very effective intervention in management of acute injuries. With a full clinical and functional assessment, a responsive treatment plan can be put in place to facilitate optimal healing and return to function, be that for day to day activities or sports.
Treatments will typically include soft tissue work, targeted rehabilitation exercises, adjuncts such as acupuncture or taping and development of strategies to minimise future risk.
Physical Therapist
Getting to the root of chronic pain is the key to long term management. Day to day activities, genetic factors, posture, injury history and many other elements can contribute to unresolved pain and our aim is to help you to establish what is causing the pain, not just manage the symptoms.
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